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Precautions Harvester Matters Needing Attention
In order to better combine performance,extending the life of machines and tools, improving security and economic rate of return of the equipment in the use of rice combine harvester is important to note several problems in the process.
    first. transfer Transport
  • 1.Short distances under 2 km of track- type harvester,cutting off Taiwan rose,cut power to the threshing of Taiwan, in uneven road driving(when driving on uneven roads), downhill small gas is low, not in the rubble, sharp objects such as a hard drive made of metal track speed and skill issues, or potential for early wear and tear or injury that causes rubber track, shorten service life.
  • 2.when transferred to the area, operating in the following fields must be strengthened to travel agencies, harvesting, transporting bodies, body parts to the strong tension, such as threshing checks for walking machines track contact with the road surface is hard, easy to loose or fasteners earthquake earthquake off(getting loose or falling off), when machine operation will produce human machine failure(breakdown).
  • 3.3.Due to track the normal service life requirement of 1000 hours, so the field moved more than 2 km have to use car Games, avoiding and reducing the track early wear and tear or rupture.
  • 4.When long distance transport by car,you must placet he cutting head is the bottom cushion soft non - metallic wood, punk, avoid deformation and damage the hydraulic cylinder.Equipment must be firmly tied with elastic rubber or rail line, strapping frame, chassis and other parts should be selected when not allow bundled in the deformation of thin - walled parts, such as Drive Shaft easily damaged parts, top of the track with a hard object before and after tight to avoid total displacement, and the primary variable speed gear in gear and brake tension.
  • 5.When getting on and off the machine the operator must be designated to help monitor the boot will be tracked and loading and unloading plate in advance of the machine on the ground or truck right direction, and that reminds non - staff away from the machine around to remind the hand will cut should be raised to the highest position, with a small gas the low-grade operation. In the process of walking machines in the loading plates, do not use the clutch, that is, walking clutch cannot be separated, no action hydraulic steering rod, or a sudden brake device, or it will cause a sudden reversal of the machine, is in danger of falling to a rollover.Used to have enough strength and loading and unloading plate with getting on and off hook, loading and unloading plate bearing single block should be greater than 1300 kg each loading and unloading plate width is about 45 cm, length should be in the loading height of more than 4 times and has non-slip features, such as better get (getting)off at fixed loading and unloading stage, when the conditions.(If permitted)
    Second: The running-in commissioning
  • New or overhauled reaper, operating in the input must be running before commissioning.
  • 1.Commissioning of all parts should be checked before the assembly location is correct, appropriateness of the clearance of the moving parts (such as : gap fixed and moving blades), Fastener verify a solid connection, by using the instruction requires enough fuel, water, oil, observation on the machine looks for any damage and deformation.
  • 2.The master gear lever in neutral position, from slowest to fastest time run 30 minutes on the first joint threshing main clutch, clutch to engage on cutting, check the charging and discharging oil pressure, water temperature, ammeter and check for proper operation and cut parts lift and machine for foreign objects, such as abnormal noise of metal found knocking each other to find out why exclude in a timely manner( If abnormal noise caused by metal knocking at each other, the cause must be found and solved timely ).Empty after commissioning parking, check and adjust the cutting blade and blade reasonable gap in 0.2~0.5 mm and lubricating ; check the fastener, conveyor belt and transmission chain tightness, check the belt tightness and transmission components and bearings for fever and, if necessary, make appropriate adjustments.
  • 3.After fixed for a test drive, you can walk in the open or in the rice fields for a test drive, check the steering brake is flexible and reliable, whether the Joystick card hysteresis, the movements are normal in place, and whether it joins bolt loosening, welding parts with and without desoldering and cracks, rubber crawler, such as relaxation should be adjusted
    Third:On the Adjustment of the following sites should always be checked
  • 1.Examine and adjust the crop divider Points Wo is harvester job the first road process, points Wo quality good or bad directly Effects Of Job Process and grain loss, for this, install and adjustment points wo for the to guarantee : Points wo for the center line to vertical cut Taiwan Move knife rod, points wo for the tip and cutting for the height consistent ; if points wo for the deformation, should be in time correction, to avoid leak cut, inclined cut caused Rice loss
  • 2.Examine and Adjust the reel.Reel to reel and set aside the height of teeth when you go to a minimum, should be part of the crop cutting more than two-thirds. Too high to combating of rice, dial Wo plate in low on the stem.Before and after the position of the reel, should be adjusted by the time the cut in the cutting position, wo axle location should be allocated at the top of the cutter is more appropriate.
  • 3.Examine and adjust the angle of the reel panel, reduce the loss with Wo. When the rice harvest lodging or slightly upright, reel panel should be straight down, thus reducing the reel panel contact with rice heads to reduce the loss of grain.When harvesting rice lodging, reel lean and technical measures to reduce the loss of grain in rice combine harvester used to lower the reel and backward.
  • 4.Examine and adjust eccentric location of the telescopic rod, prevent loss of grain header feed entry through the grass. Telescopic rod when you reach out, to cut Floor clearance for 5~10mm ; indentation and passive wheel in the middle of conveying direction should be reduced to mess with the dragon peripheral surface of the cylinder.
  • 5.Transmission System check adjustments.In the process, it is necessary to pay attention to the travel drive, fan drive, harvesting station transmission, conveyor drive, the thresher transmission, blower drive, grain transport auger drive, vibrating screen drive Lysimachia chain drive, such as grass cutting drive Triangle the inspection and adjustment of the belt, the drive V-belt according to the two center distance the length of hand pressed against the deflection should be within the range of 10 to 30 mm is appropriate
  • 6.To help Kentucky Bluegrass drive grass,Rice transmission transmission,line drive to check and adjust the tightness of the chain, according to the center distance of two - wheel drive chain free deflection, and generally 5~10 mm.These transmission parts too tight can affect the life, pine effect of transmission efficiency(would be affected if it's too loose).
  • 7.Properly adjust the screen angle and amplitude. To improve clear selected rate and reduce clear selected loss, the current (at present)most of the domestic models use wind machine and double vibrating screen cleaning structure, harvest clear selected the amount of big crop such as humidity big, and leaf rod more rice, you want increase vibrating screen amplitude and reduce tilt angle, improve grain clear selected rate ; harvest clear selected the amount of not crop, you want reduce the vibrating screen amplitude and increase tilt angle, reduce grain clear selected loss.Therefore, should be adjusted according to the actual situation in the job.
  • 8.Travel clutch adjust ment.Walk of the main clutch pedal a touch on the occasion, free travel for 10~20 mm, three separation between the lever and release bearing clearance in 0.3~0.5 mm, which can be effectively delivered or cut off by V - belts for transmission to the transmission of diesel engine's power, enabling the machine to a smooth start, shifting park.In the course of action, if you find that when the clutch pedal foot, power cannot be cut off immediately, the clutch is in a separate state, causing shifting difficulties, must release bearing and walking three gap release lever and clutch lever length adjustment, or it will greatly speed up the damage to the clutch parts.
  • 9.Check the adjustment of the steering mechanism. The main steering rod, steering levers, turning clutch, composed of separate spiral arm, and so on. In the course of walking machines, back when the right to turn the lever, the machine should be able to easily turn to the right ; When the back - left turning a lever, the machine can easily turn to the left. When you need to be adjusted, should be turning clutch spiral arm in a free state, the adjustment of turning clutch bearing and rod nut gap in the context (within the range )of 0.3~0.5 mm.
  • 10.Inspection and adjustment of work the clutch mechanism. Its main operation handles, levers, Idler pulley, friction clutch and so on. When you check in small gas to operate the grip on the " joint " Location, friction clutch can freely engage, harvesting, transporting tank, thresher start working, cleaning mechanism four components ; the tiller is placed in " separation " Location, can complete separation of the friction clutch, harvesting, transmission channel, threshing and cleaning the four components to stop working.Most of the models of the self - adjustment method : Place the tiller in " splice " Location(position), adjust the length of the lever, ensure the tightness of V - belts for pressure within 20 mm of the deflection should be suitable and pull the handle to " separate " position which makes the work completely out of the clutch, four major components such as cutting head spin (Mainly refers to self-all -fed models.Semi -feed self-model work the clutch are not the same, check the adjustment as described in the various models product usage manual ).
    Fourth:The proper operation
  • New or overhauled reaper, operating in the input must be running before commissioning.
  • 1.Combine fields Ridge High,should be in the right corner of the field models of the( Console on the right) or the left( Console on the left) model of artificial cut out of a vacant lot (2mx4m) to avoid pressure wo caused by the loss of grain.
  • 2.The right to make a good cut road. Along the right or left side of the field should be cut out of line, and then, using two to three oblique cut way back on line, cut out of the Tin Kok Road, and then turning (turn to)line harvest.
  • 3.Harvest walk the line as far as possible(When harvest walk as straight as possible), avoid turning over harvesting, overwhelming rice, causing loss of grain.
  • 4.Harvester in the job should be used in medium and large gas work. When you combine leaves the cutting area to the Tin Tau, or transfer, should remain in the large gas, running around 30s, to ensure that the machine threshing rice in elections clean and reduce the loss of grain.
  • 5.Leaving in the first move(Walk after the machine moves). When you combine the job, to work with the clutch, Taiwan cutting device, transmission device, threshing and cleaning parts to work to achieve the rated speed, walking and driving harvester harvesting operations, this prevents the cutter is(being caught by ) rice stems to take to (and ) reduce the grain waste.
  • 6.In case of wet weather, such as dry.(wait until it gets dry) Morning dew big, wet rice, generally have to wait until around 9 o'clock in the morning, the dew did, and then driving harvester harvesting, so as to improve operating efficiency, you can also avoid harvester working parts congestion and reduce the loss of rice
  • 7.When harvesting operations, in order to " a smell, two, three listening to ". Smell no drive with burn coke taste ; see instrument disk oil pressure led, and charge led and the various The police light whether point light, see water temperature, and speed whether normal, no plug, hybrid more than whether too much(whether there is too much hybrid), row grass whether clear ; listen to no exception noise, such as impact sound, and chain or drive with beating sound, and the main drum in the different ring and the police horn sound such as.If the problem occurs, you should stop in time, identified and excluded(identify and solve the problem).
  • 8.Reasonable pacing (pace).Harvester working speed is directly related to the operating efficiency and quality, if more than 500kg acres production of rice, the choice of job I document ; if rice yield in 400~500kg acres(per acre), available jobs II document ; if rice yield under 400kg acres, III document available jobs, which can improve working efficiency, prevent harvester plug.
  • 9.Harvesting Operations to minimize downtime in the middle, in case of failure outage should promptly cut the harvester power to reduce the loss of grain cutting head.
  • 10.When should avoid turning to the harvest (Harvest should be stopped when turning)(In particular, semi - feed type models).Because harvesting the crop stalk length may vary, the impact is conveying and threshing.
  • 11.Pick grain to be careful not to pick up and drop leak in the process of food, throw, CAST and other waste
  • 12.The machine back up or tur(When the machine moves back or turns), can not be used to quickly reverse and sharp(do not move quickly), avoid pick up food, others thrown or the collision occurred.
  • Proper Use of the harvester to (can)reduce the frequency of a mechanical failure, reduce economic losses.
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